Roadtrippin’ with Baby!

Roadtrippin’ with Baby!

Well, hello! It has been awhile! To catch y’all up, we made it to Georgia! I found a great part-time OB/GYN position here! I am just enjoying my prolonged maternity leave until my paperwork goes through, and I can start working again.


Call us crazy, but my husband and I decided to drive from Washington state to Georgia… with a TWO MONTH OLD. Afterwards, we both agreed we would never do that again!

However, along the way, we had some fun and learned some lessons. For those of you thinking of taking a road trip with your newborn or infant, do not be afraid! With some preparation, you can do it (and even enjoy parts of it!)

Here are my top ten  tips (in no particular order) for planning a road trip with baby:


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Summer Reading List

Summer Reading List

I’ve surprisingly had a decent amount time to read this summer! If I’ve accomplished my to-do list for the day and my little guy is down for a nap, I can usually snag an hour or so of reading time each day.

Summer time is my time for easy, lighthearted reads. These reads also work great for a sleep-deprived new mom such as myself who can’t remember what she ate two hours ago, let alone keep up with an intricate story line.

Here are some books I have on my list to read this summer as well as a couple great reads I’ve added for new moms:

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Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday

Thank you all SO SO much for all of your comments about my breastfeeding post! I really appreciated hearing your own stories and reading your kind & supportive words.

I’ve slowly started to get back into somewhat of a fitness routine. It feels SO NICE to start to have my body back again. I don’t mean that in a “vain, I-wanna-look-like-a-supermodel” type of way.  I just mean it feels nice to wear regular clothes and feel strong again. It also just feels nice to be able to bend down and pick something off the floor when I need to (let me tell ya, if something fell on the floor after I was 36 weeks, it STAYED on the floor until my husband got home from work!).

I don’t really have a set Post Baby Body fitness routine. For now, I’ve just been doing whatever feels good each day. This could be anything from walking outside to core work with the stability ball.

My little guy cannot stand to be put down while he’s awake (and he’s awake ALL THE TIME – I thought babies were supposed to sleep a lot?!?). So I had to quickly find creative ways to incorporate him into my workouts. One of my favorite ways to do this is with baby wearing workouts!

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Is Breast Best?

Is Breast Best?

People always wonder if pregnancy and motherhood is easier when you are an obstetrician. The short answer – no. Nothing about this journey was as expected, and everything about it was more challenging than I had anticipated. However, breastfeeding was by far the most unexpectedly difficult thing I encountered.

As an OB, I always counsel my patients that “breast is best.” Breastfeeding is economical and environmentally friendly and has been shown to potentially decrease your baby’s risk of infection. I’m not going to get into the detailed benefits of breastfeeding but if you are interested here are some links:

Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mom

La Leche League’s take on benefits of breastfeeding

Why breastfeeding is important

As a naive young doctor, I counseled my patients to feed their newborn on demand which would be approximately every two to three hours. I figured these new mothers would have two to three hours between feeds to nap, eat, shower, etc. No biggie.

I apologize to all of the postpartum breastfeeding mamas I have cared for over the past several years. I had NO FREAKING CLUE what you were going through.

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