What I Ate Wednesday

This is my first attempt at #wiaw. Number one, I would like to say I did not eat any of these today. These are a hodge podge of pictures from the month. Clearly I need to work on my #wiaw game but here we go.


My first breakfast in Tacoma! Croissant from Corina bakery, fresh fruit, and a wonderful view!


Greek yogurt protein pancake, scrambled eggs, and coffee. The pancake was pretty yummy although the consistency was a little different from traditional pancakes since I added vanilla protein powder.

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Think Outside the Box

Think Outside the Box

Since starting my new jobs, I have noticed several of my patients telling me they have heard I am a “traveling OB” – What does that mean?? I tell them it means I travel up and down western Washington with my lovely Kate Spade doctor bag. But it’s actually a bit more complicated than that …

Throughout my medical training, I always imagined myself finding a career in private practice for a few years, followed by a position at an academic medical center. I had no idea just how many different types of positions were available to physicians until I started my own job search.

A little bit of back story… I just graduated residency and moved in with my husband – the Army Surgeon – in June. He only definitively knows he will be here until June 2016. After that, things are kind of up in the air. Thankfully, the military provides job security for him. I, however,  am on my own to find a job.

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Hello world!

Welcome to the Traveling OB!

Ruston Way

This blog is about women’s health, life in medicine, and trying incessantly to strike that perfect work-life balance. It is about the many unexpected places life takes us.

I am a self-proclaimed holistic health professional. To me, this means that I, along with Aristotle, believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” My goal for my patients is for them to find a state of well-being and be able to sustain that. When it came time for me to choose a job after residency, I spent a long time reflecting on my own well-being and what was important to me. Ultimately, I ended up deciding to work as a per diem OB/GYN in the Pacific Northwest. While it was difficult (and a little scary!) to not follow the beaten path of a full-time position in a private practice, this nontraditional position allowed me the flexibility to have control over my own schedule. And I get the opportunity to meet all sorts of patients and women’s health providers throughout the Pacific Northwest!

This blog will likely be a hodge podge of life musings and tales of travels mixed with recipes and workouts galore. Thanks for traveling along on this blogging journey with me! Happy reading! 🙂