Weeks 4-8: The Magical Beginning

Weeks 4-8: The Magical Beginning

It took me five total urine pregnancy tests and a blood test to believe I was pregnant. And even after that, I was still skeptical. As a physician, I am trained to think critically, seek out pathology, and fix things. So I found it hard to believe that I had a normal pregnancy without seeing it on an ultrasound screen for myself.


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Science Is Not the Enemy

I recently read this article in Cosmopolitan magazine, and it really hit home for me. My favorite line was – “Why are smart, grownass women treating their reproductive health like a game of telephone?” This article tells the story of an intelligent 33 year old who discontinued her birth control pills in order to cleanse herself of the hormones. Where did she come up with this idea of a hormone cleanse? Her friends.

This story, or some version of it, is something I have heard time and time again. Women often worry about the birth control pill affecting their fertility, weight, libido, mental health, etc. However, rather than discussing this issue with their gynecologist, women tend to seek advice from their friends.

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