Dark spots and stretch marks and acne, oh my!

Dark spots and stretch marks and acne, oh my!


While I anticipated some weight gain and nausea during pregnancy, I did not anticipate the changes I would make to my skin care regimen! Who knew all those pesky pregnancy hormones could wreak such havoc on your skin?? Along the way, I have found some GREAT products to share with you guys!


Stretch marks (Striae Gravidarum)

Ugh. I think all pregnant women live in constant fear of stretch marks. They typically occur on the breasts and belly and are, in part, related to tension on the skin due to weight gain. During pregnancy, they can appear reddish purple and become very itchy – this usually resolves after pregnancy (although the stretch marks themselves continue to persist). Unfortunately, there is no great scientific evidence on methods of preventing stretch marks. There is some thought that stretch marks may be genetic (i.e. if your mom had them, you have a higher chance of getting them).

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20 Weeks: Feeling great

Oh the joys of the second trimester! It really is as wonderful as everyone says it is. After the nausea and vomiting and fatigue and blues of the first trimester, I finally feel like myself again! I can also feel the baby moving now which is one of the weirdest but most wonderful sensations ever. I had the Army Surgeon put his hand on belly so he can feel the baby moving now too! I obviously knew I was pregnant before but this makes it so REAL!

We spent the holidays visiting the Army Surgeon’s family in Florida.


I also had the chance to catch up with some friends from residency.



AAAAND I WENT TO DISNEY WORLD FOR THE FIRST TIME!! I actually did pretty well with all that walking (thank you maternity support belt! If you don’t have one, get one. Now. Its amazing.).


After all of the rain we’ve been experiencing in the Pacific Northwest, it felt so nice to be outside in the sunshine for a change.

If you’re in your second trimester, how are YOU feeling? Leave your comments below!