Third Trimester Workouts

So you may notice that I do not have a post titled “Second Trimester Workouts.” That’s because I was back to my usual workouts during the glorious second trimester. I did cardio intervals on the elliptical or lateral trainer. I ended up subscribing to Les Mills On Demand which I talked about in this post. I LOVE all of their classes!!

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Maternity Fashion

It didn’t take me long to¬† switch over to maternity clothes. I bought my first article of maternity clothing when I was about 14 weeks. All that bloating just makes it so uncomfortable to button your pants! As my baby bump grew, I will admit I become more and more disappointed that I could no longer fit into the majority of clothes that I owned. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on clothes I would only wear for nine to ten months, but I still wanted to dress well and feel like myself.

Luckily there are lots of resources of available for affordable and stylish maternity clothes. Here are some of my faves!

Online Rental Companies

These all work in similar ways. For a monthly fee, you have clothes and possibly accessories shipped to you. Typically, you complete a style profile and/or pick out items for your closet to be sure the clothing & accessories you are receiving are to your liking. Online rentals are a great option if you like variety and switching up your look rather than sticking to one classic style.


This is my FAVORITE online rental company. I was actually renting from them prior to pregnancy and lucky for me they developed a maternity section during my pregnancy! For $60 a month, you get a box with 3 garments and 2 accessories shipped to you. Once you return these items, you get another box with 3 new garments and 2 new accessories. The part is – you can get an unlimited number of boxes per month! They have a lot of great work clothing so I usually get my box early in the week, wear the clothing to wear, and ship the box back at the end of the week.


(Here's one of the cute dresses I received from LeTote!)

In terms of accessories, LeTote offers jewelry, scarves, and purses. They also offer maternity tops, pants, skirts, and dresses. Their customer service is great. Shipping is free and super fast! I highly highly recommend subscribing!

Mine for Nine:

I heard about this company from Good Morning America. Fun Fact: Ginger Zee from GMA used this company during her pregnancy! You pay a rental price for each item you borrow rather than a monthly fee. The rental fee allows you to borrow the item for a month. You can also purchase the item if you like it too. If you like Rent the Runway, you will really like Mine for Nine! Its a great site for special occasional maternity wear. They have an incredibly large selection of maternity dresses.

Stitch Fix

A friend of mine used this during her pregnancy and loved it! For a fee, you receive five personalized pieces, which could be clothes or accessories, delivered monthly. These pieces are specifically catered to your style and budget. Then, you can purchase and keep what you love and send back the rest. They offer high quality name brand clothing and are good resource for classic, well made maternity clothing


Online Retailers

Little known fact – many well known retail stores offer a wide selection of maternity clothing on their websites! I will say it is DEFINITELY worth reading the reviews for each piece of clothing you buy as many fit differently than you may expect. Here are a few that I recommend:


Old Navy


(Fun summer dress from Old Navy)

Ann Taylor Loft


Zulily – this is an online retailer that offers GREAT discounts on maternity clothing. I’ve gotten clothing that’s been as much as 75% off the original retail price!


(Pretty blush shirt I ordered from Zulily!)

Retail Stores

Retail stores tend to be somewhat lacking in that quality and quantity of maternity clothes they carry. Target has been a pretty good resource for maternity clothes when I’ve needed something right away. Ross Dress for Less is also a great place to check out. I’ve bought work shirts for as little as $5 from there!!

You can also try local consignment stores or even borrow maternity clothes from a friend!

What’s your favorite place to shop for maternity clothing?


34 weeks: Maternity Photos!

34 weeks: Maternity Photos!

Who knew the latter part of the third trimester would feel a WHOLE LOT like the first trimester?!!? I’m pretty much tired all the time now from lack of sleep and from carrying around all this extra weight. Last night, I woke up STARVING at 2am (this was after eating stuffed peppers for dinner and TWO ice cream sandwiches after dinner) and could not go back to sleep. So I ate two bowls of cereal.

And meditated.

And read a book.

And meditated some more.

And continued to stay awake until my husband got home from work at 5am.

I layed awake for another hour before deciding to just get up and start my day.

And that is pretty much my life now.

On a happier note, I just met with my maternity photographer for the big reveal of my pictures and they are AMAZING!!!

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I Know Nothing About Babies.

As an OB, I may know a thing a two or about pregnancy (although even THAT has not been entirely what I expected) but I know next to nothing about babies. I’ve never been known for natural maternal instinct. In fact, I have sometimes felt as though I lacked maternal instinct. I don’t particularly enjoy children. I don’t go out of my way to hold other people’s babies. I’m just hoping I will love and be able to care for my own.

However, I have always had difficulty relying on faith alone. In fact, I would say intellectualizing is one of my coping mechanism. So I bought the following books and went to work studying and highlighting them as if I were about to take the biggest test of my life (which I sort of am…)

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