Roadtrippin’ with Baby!

Roadtrippin’ with Baby!

Well, hello! It has been awhile! To catch y’all up, we made it to Georgia! I found a great part-time OB/GYN position here! I am just enjoying my prolonged maternity leave until my paperwork goes through, and I can start working again.


Call us crazy, but my husband and I decided to drive from Washington state to Georgia… with a TWO MONTH OLD. Afterwards, we both agreed we would never do that again!

However, along the way, we had some fun and learned some lessons. For those of you thinking of taking a road trip with your newborn or infant, do not be afraid! With some preparation, you can do it (and even enjoy parts of it!)

Here are my top tenĀ  tips (in no particular order) for planning a road trip with baby:


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