Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday

Thank you all SO SO much for all of your comments about my breastfeeding post! I really appreciated hearing your own stories and reading your kind & supportive words.

I’ve slowly started to get back into somewhat of a fitness routine. It feels SO NICE to start to have my body back again. I don’t mean that in a “vain, I-wanna-look-like-a-supermodel” type of way.  I just mean it feels nice to wear regular clothes and feel strong again. It also just feels nice to be able to bend down and pick something off the floor when I need to (let me tell ya, if something fell on the floor after I was 36 weeks, it STAYED on the floor until my husband got home from work!).

I don’t really have a set Post Baby Body fitness routine. For now, I’ve just been doing whatever feels good each day. This could be anything from walking outside to core work with the stability ball.

My little guy cannot stand to be put down while he’s awake (and he’s awake ALL THE TIME – I thought babies were supposed to sleep a lot?!?). So I had to quickly find creative ways to incorporate him into my workouts. One of my favorite ways to do this is with baby wearing workouts!

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Third Trimester Workouts

So you may notice that I do not have a post titled “Second Trimester Workouts.” That’s because I was back to my usual workouts during the glorious second trimester. I did cardio intervals on the elliptical or lateral trainer. I ended up subscribing to Les Mills On Demand which I talked about in this post. I LOVE all of their classes!!

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First Trimester Workouts

First Trimester Workouts

As I alluded to in my earlier posts, the first trimester was a PAIN. I had every symptom of pregnancy possible – nausea, vomiting, bloating, fatigue… you name it. This made it extremely difficult to make it to the gym on a regular basis. So I had to find more creative ways to keep up with my workouts.

Luckily, the weather was still pretty nice during the first few weeks of my pregnancy so I tried to make it outside for some fresh air and a nice long walk.


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Tacoma Fitness Bucket List

Tacoma Fitness Bucket List

I have been pleasantly surprised with the fitness community in Tacoma. In addition to having a great YMCA system, we are lucky to have so many additional fun and unique fitness studios in the city! I have been able to try a few and have had positive experiences at these locations. Here’s a little taste of some of the places on my fitness bucket list.

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On the Road Again: Workout Edition

I am loving this Luke Bryan song to workout to!! 

As a traveling OB, I spend a lot of time in hotel rooms, call rooms, my car. This can make developing a workout schedule pretty complicated. I am the type of person who needs to move everyday or I just don’t feel right. Luckily, there are so many resources out there to help with working out while on the road. Here are some of my faves!

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