Healing after childbirth

Healing after childbirth

Being a new mom is no joke. And  you get to do it all while healing from a major medical event – childbirth!

I am a HUGE fan of whatsupmoms.com which is a vlog by three smart and hilarious women. They have a great video on how to utilize all the swag you get from the hospital after delivery. Yes, you do get some fun goodies, such as adult diapers, when you leave the hospital – woohoo!

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My Birth Story – Part 1

My Birth Story – Part 1

Hello everyone!! Things have been CRAZY around here. We welcomed this little guy into our lives about a month ago.



And our lives have been forever changed. Any semblance of structure and organization that  we once had in our lives is now gone.

I have so SO many things to share with you all about my life over the past month, but first let’s start with how this all went down.

Here is my birth story.

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Waiting Game

My mother in law sent me this!! I laughed so hard!

I can’t believe I’ll be 39 weeks this week!! I am definitely starting to get impatient about meeting our little one. Especially since it seems like everyone else who is due in May, including those who were due AFTER me, has already delivered!! But as excited as I am to meet our little guy, I’m trying to take advantage of this last remaining bit of time when I can have some time to myself or go out on dates with the hubs.


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Third Trimester Workouts

So you may notice that I do not have a post titled “Second Trimester Workouts.” That’s because I was back to my usual workouts during the glorious second trimester. I did cardio intervals on the elliptical or lateral trainer. I ended up subscribing to Les Mills On Demand which I talked about in this post. I LOVE all of their classes!!

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